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Rethinking Activism in Lebanon: In the Era of Socioeconomic Collapse of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The paper Rethinking Activism in Lebanon in the Era of Socio-Economic Collapse and the COVID-19 Pandemic explores the evolving landscape of activism in Lebanon amidst the challenges posed by the economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. It delves into the historical context of activism in Lebanon, highlighting its citizen engagement and mobilization tradition for social, political, and economic causes. The paper discusses the transformative impact of the financial crisis on activism, leading to a diversification of focus and the emergence of youth activism, feminist activism, and advocacy for the rights of marginalized groups such as refugees and retirees.

Moreover, the paper examines the shift from centralized to decentralized activism in response to the crisis and pandemic-related restrictions, emphasizing the innovative approaches adopted by activists, including digital activism and community engagement. It also addresses the influence of violence on activism, particularly violence perpetrated by the state, and the challenges faced by activists in upholding their fundamental rights amidst crisis mismanagement.

Overall, the paper underscores the resilience and adaptability of civil society in Lebanon as activists navigate the complexities of the current socio-economic and health crises to advocate for change, address systemic injustices, and promote inclusivity and social justice.



This paper evaluates Lebanon’s compliance with its international obligations as outlined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Lebanon is a ratifying state. Moreover, the constitutional recognition of these rights within Lebanon is analyzed. Overall, the methodology involves a qualitative approach, encompassing data collection from publicly available sources and existing knowledge, analysis of the framework governing activism, and an assessment of the impact on activism amidst the crisis.




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