Who We Are?

The long running conflicts in Middle East have destroyed countries ‘assets including infrastructures and engulfed many lives while displacements still to continue due to the periodically sliding conflicts and the rapidly political changes in the region. These changes caused mass destruction of public and private sectors, and weakness in administrations. As a result, violations of human rights are increasing on a daily basis in MENA region, and unfortunately, the law which is supposed to protect us, is becoming a burden to exercise our basic rights, or worse, even a threat.

In response to that, Humena for Human Rights and Civic Engagement came to light in April 2018 by a group of human rights experts and civil society actors and academicians from Middle East and North Africa.

Humena aims to advocate the adoption of human rights-based approach (RBA) through applying change to power relations, strengthen accountability, promote non-discrimination, and strengthen partnerships among NGOs in the region. Through promoting the integration of RBA in policy making, governance, and programs, the protection of the most marginalized groups’ rights will be amplified and their involvement in decision making will be granted. This will be achieved by applying the human rights principles, the integration of human rights standards into all stages of programming framework, the use of international human rights standards and norms to increase accountability, the participation of social groups, and the empowerment of civil society organizations, human rights education, and advocacy to support the victims of human rights violations.

Humena also supports Democracy and democratic transitions in Middle East and advocates protection for all human being to create positive environment for civil activism and civic engagement throughout Middle East.