Our Vision

MENA region where all citizens and residents enjoy a democratic, just and equitable environment that values and protects the rights of everyone

Our Mission

Working on protecting all individuals and groups rights in Middle East and North Africa, especially the most vulnerable and promoting human rights, civil liberties, freedom of expression and participation that are essential for social stabilization, durable peace, and active citizenship.


  • To promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for all individuals and groups in the MENA region
  • To support the local human rights defenders and facilitate their work
  • To advocate on policies which affect human rights, and work to end all kinds of crimes and conflicts, and support access to justice for the affected communities and individuals.
  • To support and promote the involvement of civil society in policy making in MENA region, especially in post conflict settings.
  • To work cohesively through building local and regional partnerships and to coordinate with concerned parties to support the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives.