Research Paper: The Right to Peaceful Assembly in Lebanon

  • Research Paper: The Right to Peaceful Assembly in Lebanon
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In recent years, the global community has witnessed a rise in protests and demonstrations in response to issues afflicting the daily lives of people at all economic and social levels. In many cases, these issues are the results of violations of human rights and public freedoms committed by governments.

As of 2019, Lebanon has experienced widespread protests in response to political, economic, social, and legal issues stemming from high levels of corruption and mismanagement within the Lebanese government. These issues have negatively impacted public services and the Lebanese people’s relationship with their government and its various agencies.

Consequently, Lebanese citizens exercised their Right to Peaceful Assembly, only to be met with numerous violations of this right by the Lebanese government. The perpetrators of these violations have yet to be held accountable, partly due to a legal environment that enables such violations to occur.

This paper comes in light of the aforementioned political developments with the intention of evaluating the Lebanese legal framework governing the Right to Peaceful Assembly in Lebanon and providing the necessary recommendations to harmonize this legal framework with the constitutional principles and international instruments that guarantee the Right to Peaceful Assembly.

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