AlMahjar Can Campaign

AlMahjar Can Campaign

What is the “AlMahjar_Can” campaign?

“AlMahjar/the diaspora Can” is the theme of the first edition of “10 Days of Activism for the Arab Diaspora”, an event that will be held annually, from January 15 to 25.

This campaign is designed, implemented, and managed by a group of Arab diaspora activists who took part in Humena’s last training program who was also named “AlMahjar Can”.


Objectives of AlMahjar Can campaign:

1- To shed light on the challenges facing Arab youth in the diaspora, as well as the capacities of the exiled Arab youth.

2- To raise awareness about the tools that can be used by diaspora communities in order to contribute to the political and social change in their countries of origin.

3- To advocate for a transformative change in the policies and procedures that affect the situation of Arab diaspora, especially policies adopted by host governments and international organizations, with the aim of promoting the adoption of new strategies and tactics that improve the capacities of the Arab Diaspora and enable them to play a greater role in the policymaking and decision-making processes.

4- To promote the partnerships for change by creating strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders.


How to get involved with AlMahjar Can:

1- Know more:

• Explore the available tools you can use to make a change from afar.

• Draw lessons from the experiences and success stories of other diaspora communities.

• Listen about the experiences and read the messages of Arab diaspora activists.


2- Raise your voice for the exiled Arab:

• Show solidarity and send us a motivational and supportive message (video, text, voice record)

• Send your photo with a clear demand that you wish to address it to the United Nations, the European Union, host governments, local governments, international organizations, and Arab diaspora

• Use the campaign frame on Facebook

• Use the hashtag #AlMahjarCan_21

• Share with us your story and experience with exile. We will publish it within “Stories from the Exile”.

• Tweet with the campaign hashtag and mention decision-makers

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