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New study: Arab Diaspora Engagement

Within the framework of “Activism in Exile” project, HUMENA team shares with you the new study “Arab Diaspora: The Change Mantra”.
‏The overall purpose of this study is to gain knowledge about Arab diaspora activists and CSOs and understand how to better engage them in advocacy and lobbying efforts to promote peace and stability in their countries of origin.

‏The overall methodology and approach of the study have been guided by a conceptual framework developed by HUMENA during the inception phase.  The research comprised a review of relevant literature on the situation of Arab CSOs and activists working from the outside, selected donors policy and its implementation, relevant INGOs, academic and expert publications, press statements, public communications and media reports, Surveys completed by 104 activists, meetings conducted with more 10 experts, online Interviews with 12 CSOs from the Arab region, based in the countries referred in the study as “exile or host countries”, and relevant desk research by HUMENA.

The study also includes recommendations for Arab diaspora CSO, and for donors and governments on how to continue to raise the general level of diaspora activists’ understanding of transnational advocacy and secure an enabling environment for their engagement and mobilization.





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