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Egyptian Diaspora Forum

Under the title of “Building Hope”, “Women for Justice” and “HuMENA for Human Rights and Civic Engagement” are organizing the first edition of the “Egyptian Diaspora Forum”.


The Egyptian Diaspora Forum will bring together pro-democracy organizations, human rights organizations, donor institutions, human rights defenders, experts, diaspora communities representatives, and other actors to exchange ideas and best practices on Diaspora engagement in the processes of joint design, networking, capacity building, and access to justice. . This forum also aims to create an opportunity for communication between the different components of diaspora communities, and to bridge the gap between effective institutions, individuals and stakeholders.

This forum will also be a space to learn about success stories from the Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian diaspora, who have long experience in building joint action planning, lobbying, effective advocacy and building transnational advocacy networks.


The Egyptian Diaspora Forum is an opportunity to rebuild hope and celebrate the successes of the Egyptian diaspora communities and individuals, as well as to reflect on the serious challenges in an increasingly complicated and complex scene for activists, women, organisations and societies as well as to create an opportunity for connecting and communication between the different components of the Egyptian Diaspora and to explore possibilities for cooperation, coordination and networking between them.


Who will participate?

  • Representatives of diaspora communities
  • Pro-Democracy organizations
  • Human Rights organizations
  • Donor Institutions
  • Academics
  • Advocates
  • Research Institutions
  • Human Rights Defenders
  • Transnational Advocacy Experts
  • Thought leaders

The forum sessions will be either public interactive sessions or closed sessions that can be attended only by pre-registration and direct invitations and will be limited to activists, human rights defenders, international and regional organizations and various donor institutions.


We look forward to your participation in the forum’s activities. This is a space for you to share your ideas about diaspora, promote your work in support of democracy, human rights, peacebuilding and development, highlight your achievements, aspirations, and challenges, and, most importantly, think with us how we can, together and hand in hand, to develop this vital work.


  • The forum starts on December 5th.
  • Register now for the Egyptian Diaspora Forum through this link:

Language access: Sessions will be held in Arabic and interpreted simultaneously into English. We can add other languages in response to demand.


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